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Published On 3/24/2023
Review of the Muletown Pipe Show
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Published On 10/3/2012
Consider making a Facebook group page for your club. Several clubs already have one. It has several benefits. First of all it is free! Second, many people use Facebook already. So it would not require much effort to create a page.
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Published On 10/24/2019
Starting a club turns out to be pretty simple. Find two other pipe smokers that think it’s a good idea and call yourself a club. It turns out that all of the major pipe clubs started that way. Feel free to post on the UPCA Facebook group that you want to start a club in your area.
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Published On 5/23/2020
Zoom has become the go-to method of meeting up with friends, and it is begun to be used by several clubs to meet online. Several clubs are already using it, and yours can too.
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Published On 8/16/2019
A good club has license to build their own pipe shop. That doesn’t mean every club president should start looking for business loans. Rather, a good club becomes the core of a pipe shop’s business. In addition to a comfy place to meet and smoke, a retailer who wants to keep the loyalty of a good pipe club can see the value in always having your favorite blends in stock and an ever changing collection of the pipes the club is most interested in.
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Published On 4/4/2019
Since FB is so popular, why even bother having a website? For new and/or small clubs, stick with FB, but for large or well-established clubs a website can do much more. The main advantage of Facebook is its “in your face” up-to-the-minute style, but that is also its main disadvantage. Finding out what happened last month, or heaven forbid last year is a bit of a problem on FB. If it is not NOW then it may well not have happened.
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Published On 3/1/2019
That old saw about success in the restaurant business has never rung more truly than with pipe clubs. Finding a good location for meetings is one of the hardest parts of making a club successful. Constantly changing where and when you will meet is going to hurt attendance and can be the downfall of many clubs.
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Published On 1/28/2019
It is a time-honored tradition of pipe clubs to bring and share your favorite tobaccos with your fellow club members. But what about the tobaccos that you don’t like? If you are like me, they wind up drying out in the far corners of your house, never to be smoked again. “Why do I even hang on to this stuff?” I frequently ask myself.

Well, if you don’t like it, there is probably somebody in your club that is at least willing to try it out.
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Published On 9/18/2019
Reading the article on “Women and the Pipe World” in the last (sadly) issue of Pipes and
Tobacco Magazine, I was struck by how little we know about the characteristics of pipe
smokers in the United States. I knew that there is statistical information on pipe smokers that is
collected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Collected yearly since 1997,
The Survey on Drug Use and Health is a large survey done yearly containing a randomly selected
sample of approximately 50,000 respondents.
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Published On 4/6/2019
Results of a survey of pipe smokers conducted on Facebook by Doc Garr.
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Published On 12/3/2009
We lost a world class pipe smoker when Walter Cronkite passed away last summer at a ripe old age and I had been meaning to say something about him for some time. I was glad at the time to see that the media were brave enough and honest enough, even in the current anti-smoking climate, to include some pictures of him with a pipe in his mouth in their many tributes to him and his long career in broadcasting. Of course, they really had to because the pipe was very often there and an important part of his image and character.
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Published On 1/20/2010
Will the new Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. spark a new interest in smoking pipes? Read Christian Chensvold’s NY Times blog about it. Also included is a list of tobacco shops in the Big Apple.
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Published On 11/20/2015
My father is a pipe smoker. There is nothing unusual about this, as I bet that many of you reading this grew up in a family with a father who smoked a pipe, or an uncle, or a grandfather… you get the point. As this introduced me to the wonderful pastime of pipe smoking and later pipe making, it was not this by itself that really peaked my interest.

I have always enjoyed going to interesting shops. Whether I’m interested in the items they sell or not, I have been always drawn to the unique shop that sells everything from antiques to collectables to even hobby materials. What sometimes is more interesting that the shop itself is its proprietor. A familiar, comfortable environment does not a chain store usually make. Just such a shop existed in my hometown during my formative years; Bradley’s Pipe and Tobacco.
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Published On 3/14/2012
What Do Frosty the Snowman, Popeye, Einstein, and These Guys Have in Common?

Watch as Aaron Mermelstein brings his unique take on all things St. Louis to HEC-TV
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Published On 5/25/2010
Kevin and Bob at have become big supporters of pipe clubs. The on-line magazine also attracts many younger pipe smokers, so it is a good medium to get the word out about pipe clubs.
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Published On 1/12/2011
The web site features podcast interview of many people that are important tot he pipe world. Here are just a few:
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Published On 6/26/2012
In the summer 2012 issue of Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine, William Serad in his article "Emerging flavors" writes about the benefits of slow pipe smoking.
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International Pipe Smoking Day

Published On 2/13/2020
The first IPSD was held in 2008 and is now celebrated in over 30 countries. Many pipe clubs take this opportunity to have a special meeting on this day each year. (Some to cheat and celebrate it on the weekend.) It is a good excuse to get together, but is can also be an opportunity to make your club known to others.
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