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UPCA Announces pipe and tobacco for 2017 National Slow Smoke.
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The pipe and tobacco to be used in the 2017 National Pipe Smoking Contest was announced today.
International Pipe Smoking Day is February 20th
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International Pipe Smoking Day is February 20. Get together with your friends and enjoy a smoke.

United Pipe Clubs of America is encouraging all American pipe smokers to celebrate the day by smoking the all-American pipe: a corncob. Take pictures of yourself with your corncob and preferably the IPSD logo.

You can email your pictures to me at
2016 US National Pipe Smoking Championship results
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Notification of the results of the 2016 US national pipe smoking championship.
2015 NE Pipe Smoking Contest
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Our great friend Bill Feuerbach has announced that once again he will host the 2015 “Kaywoodie Event”, to be held at the same new location as last year, in Fishkill, NY, on Saturday December 12th. Be sure to submit your check for $55.00, along with the application found below, which, if you are among the lucky, first 48, will also enroll you into the 2015 Northeast Pipe Smoking (Slow Smoke) Contest, a UPCA sanctioned event, as soon as possible, as it is sure to sell out, and it always does!
Southeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest
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The Upstate Pipe Society held their 2015 Southeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest on September 26th, 2015 at Boda Pipes, Greenville, SC.
New Pipe Club: Main Street Pipers
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New pipe club now forming in West Bend, WI...

Smokes On Main at Smokes On Main

Rule number one about Pipe Club... Tell everyone you know about Pipe Club!

SmokesOnMain is proud to host The Main Street Pipers pipe club!
2015 US National Slow Smoke Competition Results
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On May 3, 2015 at the Chicagoland International Pipe and Tobacciana Show, the 13th US national slow smoke competition was held. The overall winner was Lev Vasilyev (Russia) with a time of 1 hour, 32 minutes and 0 seconds. The US champion was Mike 'Doc' Garr with a time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 2 seconds. Manduela (Denmark) was the winner in the Women's division with a time of 59 minutes and 34 seconds.
2015 US National Slow Smoke Competition Pipe and Tobacco
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The 2015 US National Slow Smoke Competition will be held at 1pm on Sunday, May 3 at The Chicagoland International Pipe and Tobacciana Show (see
2014 Northwest Regional Pipe Smoking Contest Results
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The Seattle Pipe Club's 14th annual slow smoke event was held November 12, 2014 with 14 contestants using McClelland Contest Tobacco. Craig Watness won his 5th championship with a time just shy of an hour at 54 minutes 19 seconds
YouTube Video of 2014 World Cup
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The World Cup pipe smoking contest for 2014 was held October 12 in Cologne, Germany.
Results from the 14th Annual Slow Smoke Competition (Northwest Regional)
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On November 12, 2104 the Seattle Pipe Club sponsored its 14th Annual Slow Smoke Competition or the Northwest Regional smoking contest.

Results from the 2014 National Pipe Smoking Championship
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Mike "Doc" Garr
The 2014 US National Pipe Smoking Championship was held May 4 at the Chicago Pipe Show.
2014 National Pipe Smoking Championship Pipe
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On May 4 the national pipe smoking championship will be held. Here is the pipe we will use for the contest.
2013 Northwest Regional Smoking Contest Results
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I want to report the results of the 13th Annual Seattle Pipe Club slow smoke competition held November 13th, 2013.
Report on 2013 World Cup Pipe Smoking Contest
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Two American Teams travelled to Poznan, Poland to compete in the 2013 World Club Pipe Smoking Championship held on October 13, 2013.
2013 Pipe Club Census
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The results of the 2013 pipe club census is available as a .pdf file.
2013 National Pipe Smoking Championship Results
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On May 5 at the Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana show, the 2013 National Pipe Smoking Championship was held. Highlights were Santiago Perez, from Mexico, was the overall winner at 1 hour 35 minutes and 4 seconds. Chris Karas, Arrowhead Pipe Club, came in first place among Americans at 1 hour 14 minutes and 40 seconds.
Nominations for UPCA officers
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It's time to come up with a slate of officers for election
Broken Pipe - Bill Unger NASPC Secretary/Treasurer at age 70
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It is with great sorrow that the North American Society of Pipe Collectors announces the passing of its longtime Secretary/treasurer Bill Unger. Bill passed away quietly on January 1, 2013 from complications of Leukemia.
2012 Northeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest Results
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Held at the Kaywoodie factory, December 2012.

Place Name Time Club
1 Joe Mason 1:05:13 HVPC
2012 Western Regional Slow Smoke Competition Results
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The Seattle Pipe Club sponsored the Western Regional Slow Smoke Competition on November 14, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in Fife, WA. The Chairman was Matt Guss and the Steward was Rick Willoughby. Pipes were made by Kaywoodie and the competition tobacco was McClelland Anniversary 2010. Roxi Willoughby (picture below) is the new champ with a time of 58:45.
Raymond Lykins Report on European Pipe Championship, Seville, Spain, October 2012
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This was my 3rd international competition under the UPCA banner. In Eindhoven, I stressed too much over beating the US record, over placing in the competition, that I watched in despair as my pipe went out in just over 45 minutes as I struggled to keep a good light. This time, my victory at the US National Championships in 2010 , and my 1:45 time in Portugal long behind me, in Seville I was determined to make a vacation out of my trip to the European Championship.
Vernon Vig's Report on 2012 European Cup Championship in Seville
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UPCA was represented by an enthusiastic 5-man team at the European Teams Championship in Seville on October 21. Here's who we were and how we did (180 participants):
YouTube Video of European Cup in Seville, Spain 2012
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Thanks to Mehmet Rogers for making the video. See it at
2012 Slow Smoke Championship in Seville, Spain, Oct 21.
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The European Slow Smoking Championship will be held October 21, 20112 in Seville, Spain. Be part of the American team this year! It will be an event you'll never forget.
Facebook Club Pages
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Consider making a Facebook group page for your club. Several clubs already have one. It has several benefits. First of all it is free! Second, many people use Facebook already. So it would not require much effort to create a page.
UPCA in P&T magazine
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In the summer 2012 issue of Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine, William Serad in his article "Emerging flavors" writes about the benefits of slow pipe smoking.
"It's a St. Louis Thing" Story of St. Louis pipe show
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What Do Frosty the Snowman, Popeye, Einstein, and These Guys Have in Common?

Watch as Aaron Mermelstein brings his unique take on all things St. Louis to HEC-TV
2012 National Slow Smoke Championship Results
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Official Time Record and results of the Pipe Smoking Contest held on May 6, 2012 at the Chicago Pipe Show, St. Charles, Illinois, U.S.A.
Chicago 2012 Photos
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Henryk Rogalski was kind enough to take pictures for us this and to share them with us. Many thanks to Henryk. You may either view the pictures on Henryk's Facebook page or on his online web albums.
Vernon Vig Steps Down From President of UPCA
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After ten years of distinguished service, building the UPCA from the ground up, Vernon Vig has relinquished his presidency.
UPCA discount on White Pipes
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UPCA members will receive an additional 6% discount.
YouTube video from 2011 World Cup Championship, Eindhoven, NL
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Videographer: Alain Letulier. See Vernon Vig in a couple of shots and the American team at about 3:30.
2011 World Cup Pipe Smoking Contest, Eindhoven, NL
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The Dutch Federation for Pipesmokers proudly presents the 2011 World Cup Pipe Smoking Contest in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on October 15 and 16. The contest will take place in the Evoluon in Eindhoven.
World Cup 2011 Results
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The results are in! The 2011 World Cup Slow Smoke Team Competition was held in Eindhoven, NL on Sunday, October 16.
Invitation To Join The UPCA Team at World Cup 2011
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Join the group that will be representing the U.S. at the World Cup in Pipe Smoking to be held in Eindhoven in the Netherlands the weekend of October 14-16. All members of UPCA member clubs are eligible and welcome! We expect to send a strong delegation but the more the merrier.
Dutch National Pipe Museum taking over the closed NiemeyerTobacco Museum
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The Pijpenkabinet Museum in Amsterdam has been able to acquire the core of the Niemeyer Tobacco Museum that closed earlier this year.
2011 Annual Meeting Notice and Invitation - Friday, May 13
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UPCA will hold its 2011 Annual Meeting at 3:30 PM on Friday, May 13, in the Ruby Room on the Second Floor at the Pheasant run Resort.
A Smoking Ban Too Far (NYTimes OpEd)
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NEW YORK CITY’S ban on smoking in its parks and on its beaches won’t go into effect until May 23, but notices about the rule are already appearing on benches and lampposts around town.

The City Council passed the ban on the principle that a nonsmoker shouldn’t have to inhale even a tiny amount of secondhand smoke, whether in a bar or a Central Park meadow. But while there is a strong public-health case for banning smoking indoors, the case for banning it outdoors is much weaker undefined particularly when it runs the risk of a backlash that could undermine the basic goals of the antismoking movement.
2011 U.S. National Slow Smoking Competition - Sunday, May 15th
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UPCA will host the 2011 U.S. National Championship in slow smoking at 1 PM on Sunday, May 15, at the Chicagoland Int'l Pipe and Tobacciana Show. Podcasts
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The web site features podcast interview of many people that are important tot he pipe world. Here are just a few:
Become an Associate Member
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At its April 30 Annual Meeting, UPCA kicked off a campaign to solicit contributions from all in the pipe and tobacco industry to help support its activities by becoming Associate Members. UPCA needs broader financial support to expand and improve the range of services and benefits it offers to maintain the enthusiasm of the entire American pipe smoking community.
2010 World Pipe Smoking Championship - Estoril, Portugal
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This was another well planned and enjoyable international event sponsored by the CIPC and hosted by the Portuguese national club - which did a fantastic job. In addition to the slow smoke competition, participants were treated to a Gala Dinner and spectacular Fado show in the elegant Estoril Casino on UPCA
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Kevin and Bob at have become big supporters of pipe clubs. The on-line magazine also attracts many younger pipe smokers, so it is a good medium to get the word out about pipe clubs.
Chicago Pipe Show Transformative
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Well, thanks to Bruce Blum and George Amron I finally got to the Chicago Pipe Show. I’ve attended many pipe shows during the last 25+ years and thought the Chicago show would just be a larger version of the same. I looked forward to seeing more pipes in one place than I had ever seen and, of course, to see some friends and make new ones. I thought the show would be about pipes, pipes and more pipes.
Chicago Photos
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If you have not yet seen them, Neal Roan has posted his photographs of Chicago pipe show celebrities on his blog, A Passion for Pipes.
New Site created with Wild Apricot
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In our ever-changing world of technology, it was time to take advantage of new capabilities.
Historic Pipes on Display
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English and Dutch manufactured smoking pipes dating back to the 1600s were among the artifacts uncovered during the archaeological dig before the construction of the South Ferry Terminal began.

Nineteen of these pipes will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the New York Transit Museum’s Gallery Annex
Origin Story by Colin Rigsby
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My father is a pipe smoker. There is nothing unusual about this, as I bet that many of you reading this grew up in a family with a father who smoked a pipe, or an uncle, or a grandfather… you get the point. As this introduced me to the wonderful pastime of pipe smoking and later pipe making, it was not this by itself that really peaked my interest.

I have always enjoyed going to interesting shops. Whether I’m interested in the items they sell or not, I have been always drawn to the unique shop that sells everything from antiques to collectables to even hobby materials. What sometimes is more interesting that the shop itself is its proprietor. A familiar, comfortable environment does not a chain store usually make. Just such a shop existed in my hometown during my formative years; Bradley’s Pipe and Tobacco.
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Will Sherlock Holmes Inspire Pipe Newbies?
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Will the new Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. spark a new interest in smoking pipes? Read Christian Chensvold’s NY Times blog about it. Also included is a list of tobacco shops in the Big Apple.
CIPC Flash
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The Comite International des Pipe Clubs, of which UPCA is of course a member, has issued a new newsletter about the recent activities of the CIPC
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We lost a world class pipe smoker when Walter Cronkite passed away last summer at a ripe old age and I had been meaning to say something about him for some time. I was glad at the time to see that the media were brave enough and honest enough, even in the current anti-smoking climate, to include some pictures of him with a pipe in his mouth in their many tributes to him and his long career in broadcasting. Of course, they really had to because the pipe was very often there and an important part of his image and character.
Bill Taylor – a legacy
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William Ashton Taylor – known to all as Bill – died this past week. I knew him for the past 8 years, not as long as many others in the community, but I was privileged to work closely with him on a regular basis, particularly over the last two years.
2009 World Cup for Club Teams - Debrecen, Hungary
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The 2009 World Cup in Pipe Smoking which took place in Debrecen, Hungary was another outstanding event. The United States was represented by a 3-man team: Jeff Weiner from Miami (the current U.S. National Champion), Wilson Cornelius (aka "Buddy" Weinmiller from Baltimore (who came in 2nd in Chicago), and myself.
2008 European Championship of Pipe Smoking - Wurselen, Germany
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Read the COMPLETE REPORT by Jotham Tausig, 2008 U.S. National Champion.
2007 World Cup for Club Teams - October 13 & 14, 2009 - St. Petersburg, Russia
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Read the COMPLETE REPORT by Tom Pfaeffle, 2007 U.S. National Champion.